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I can't create an account or log in

If you can’t create an account, check that you’ve typed in the correct email for your hospital system. If you’re having trouble just logging in, make sure you’ve used the correct username and password.

My Password is not working

Try typing in your password again, making sure you’ve got the right one for this site. If you’ve forgotten your password, click the link to retrieve or create a new one.

I didn't receive the email verification to log in.

Make sure you check your Spam or Junk mail folder; the set-up email may have gone there.

The modules are slow. Which browser works the best.

Chrome or Microsoft Edge are the best browsers for these training modules. Any other (Internet Explorer, Safari) may slow down the modules.

I can't hear any audio. How can I fix that?.

Make sure the training module itself, or your computer’s speakers aren’t muted

Muted            UnMuted

Why should I do the evaluation?

Completing the evaluation will help us improve the types of training needed for healthcare systems, and will ensure that any CE’s for various courses are valid..